Spamming Grievance

I’m really ticked off about this. I received spam advertising unmentionables on the ‘Hello World’ blog that WordPress automatically put up. Annoying, certainly, but this time they’ve pressed the angry button. Yes, some nasty little creature spammed my eulogy for my recently deceased dog.

That’s just  downright sub-human in my book. And to think I was considering not moderating blog comments. Agh!

I tell you, come the revolution…

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2 Responses to “Spamming Grievance”

  1. Helene Says:

    I feel your pain… Your service provider should be able to up the filtering level, Sandy. Most of my is caught by their spam filter and the rest is picked up by my blog’s filter. I can then delete them at my leisure taken delight in it as I do!!! Every once in a while something still gets through as a genuine post or via contact email…

  2. sandra Says:

    Thanks, Helene. I got another one today on the previous blog. Think I’ll have to contact my ISP and see what they can do.

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