Our Evolving Language

It is interesting to see our language evolving right before our very eyes. Today, if someone says to you, ‘Just Google it’, we understand it to mean use a search engine on the internet to discover the information you seek.

We also incorporate many sayings from movies and TV shows into our everyday lives. I’ve gathered a few here that are often bandied about our household.

From the Addams Family – Lurch – “You rang?”

From Get Smart – Max – “And loving it.” “Missed by that much.”

From Poltergeist – Carol Anne – “They’re he-re”

From Monty Python’s Holy Grail – The Black Knight – “I’ve had worse.”

From Monty Python’s Holy Grail – King Arthur – “Run away! Run away!”

From Ghost Busters – Egon – “This looks extraordinarily bad, Ray.”

From Ghost Busters – Winston – “That’s a big Twinkie.”

From Jewel of the Nile – Tarak  – “You go this way and I’ll go this way.”

From Star Trek – James T. Kirk – “Once again we have saved civilisation as we know it.”

From Star Trek and Disney’s Peter Pan – “Second star to the right – and straight on ’til morning.”

From Shrek – Shrek – “Really, really.”

And there are lots more. Do you quote from movies and TV? Which ones? Do only those close to you understand what you’re talking about when you do it? How many odd looks do you receive from those who don’t?

Hope these quotes have brought you a smile for fond memories.




Blue moon over alien landscape.