‘Alien, Mine’ sold to Soul Mate Publishing – a Call Story

Where to begin? Probably with my fabulous CP, C.T. Green, nag, nag, nagging me (as a good CP should) to submit to certain e-publishers she had a ‘feeling’ about. Turns out she was right and I received not one, but two offers for my science fiction romance, ‘Alien, Mine‘.

I sent off a query letter to the first company and received a request the next day for a full. I couldn’t believe it! I’d opened that email all unsuspecting for surely publishing houses didn’t get back to authors that quickly? A couple of days later I submitted to Soul Mate Publishing. Not long after, I received a request for a full from their senior editor. I sent it off and on the 20th November, Debby (the senior editor of SMP) sent a nice reply thanking me, said she looked forward to reading the rest of the story and I could expect to hear back from her within four weeks.

Meanwhile I was managing the RWAus STALI (Single Title and Loving It) contest, so I was kept busy from twiddling my thumbs and not letting my head get too large, because ya know, I’d had two offers. Because both publishers are in the States, it was send an email one day and get an answer the next. So I busied myself with STALI duties, turned my attention to my current WIP and eyed the calendar.

On the 22nd November I heard back from the first publisher. I eyed the header identifying the sender of the email and swallowed. Moved the mouse to open it, hesitated. Grabbing my courage I opened the darn thing and discovered a contract offer. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

Five days later I received a reply from Debby at Soul Mate Publishing offering me a contract for ‘Alien, Mine.’ In her email she said:

“Normally I take about 4 weeks to respond, but I was able to spend time reading this weekend and couldn’t put yours down. You are an excellent writer with great world building skills and characterization.”

Oh dear, I feel a head swell coming on. Trying to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, I requested some time from both publishers to look over their contracts.

Initially I decided to go with the more established publishing house, though their romance imprint is a new addition to the company, they have been around for nearly one hundred years. However, I did not contact them immediately to accept as I was having an agent look over their contract. But once I’d made that decision something kept nagging at me (I seem to get a lot of that) about Soul Mate Publishing. I kept thinking I’d made the wrong decision. So, I changed my decision to SMP and have been happy with it since. So on 15th December I signed with Soul Mate Publishing.

Now, oddly enough, I feel more of a sense of responsibility than elation. I have to get my next book finished and polished as well as ensure I meet with editing deadlines.

I’ll post my release date when I have it. 🙂





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9 Responses to “‘Alien, Mine’ sold to Soul Mate Publishing – a Call Story”

  1. s e gilchrist Says:

    Woohoo!~ Congratulations, Sandy, I am so very happy for you. I cant wait to get my copy. Never knew your CP was the lovely CT Green. I bet you make a fabulous team. I know that feeling when you see the addie in your email inbox, the heart jumps into your throat, your mouth dries and you think, holy crap, will I open it???? And then you read those magical words…nothing like it, is there? Is this the first in a planned series? I love series. Good luck with your next book. I hope this sale is the first of many more to come & such a wonderful way to finish the year. Wishing you mega sales!

  2. sandra Says:

    Thank you for the good wishes, S.E. 🙂 C.T. and I met on the paranormal loop and hit it off, things just went from there. Yes, it is very exciting to read those magical words, though I have to admit I get a bigger thrill out of sorting out a knotty writing problem. Go figure :/ I actually hadn’t planned to write a series, but C.T. is, um, encouraging me to write the story of the hero’s brother. So while I’m adding structure to my current WIP, I’m also doing research for his story. Of course I get to read your ‘Bound By Love’ as a reward for reaching a word count! 🙂

  3. Helene Says:

    Congratulations, Sandy. Love the call story – you are most certainly entitled to a swelled head moment. 2 offers from 2 US publishers is to be celebrated. Look forward to the release of ‘Alien, Mine’ and being able to read the finished story.

    You’ve soldiered on and believed in your story and deserve the rewards!

    Have to add that I’d love to hear your Hero’s brother’s story as well!! He was kind of hot 🙂

  4. sandra Says:

    Thanks, Helene! 🙂 LOL, When I tell Cass you’re after T’Hargen’s story as well I foresee another ‘I told you so’. Looks like it’s a done deal then!

  5. C.T. Green Says:

    I just have to say…the second nagging feeling was not me. *vbg* Congratulations again and I just have to say it here too: I told you so! : D P.S. Thank you Ms Gilchrist, for the compliment and congratulations on your new releases as well!

  6. sandra Says:

    Thank you, C.T. I couldn’t have done it without you – on so many levels. Of course I hope you realise that in this coming year I’ll be nagging encouraging you to knock your writing career up another gear. I’m sure there are people out there screaming to read a talent such as yours.

  7. Mel Teshco Says:

    I’m coming in her very late Sandy, but CONGRATS!! How thrilling to have your story accepted by two houses!! WOOT!! May there be many more contracts =)

  8. sandra Says:

    Thanks, Mel! I haven’t received my first edits, but I have a tentative release date of about June. I hope to have my current WIP whipped into shape by then. 🙂

  9. Mandy Says:

    Hi Sandra:
    I’ve been offered a contract with SMP and was wondering if you could tell me how your experience has been so far. Do they market the book? How are their sales? Are you still really happy with them?
    Tks in advance for your time.

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