Playing God Sucks

At least those were my thoughts one morning a week or so ago. That was the day I decided it was in the best interests of one of my dogs to have his final appointment with our vet. I cried my heart out – curiously more so before the event than after. His passing was gentle, dignified and caring. Afterwards I realised how lucky I was to be able to exercise that power over his death. The decision was in no way easy, yet I am glad I could relieve the suffering that came with old age and the failure of his little body.

I’m a firm ‘hoper’ in the existence of Rainbow Bridge and true or not, real or not, it certainly gives me comfort to think of his bold little spirit (and those of previous much loved pets) existing in some perfect plane.

We adopted Snoopy when he was seven and rescued from the green needle by the wonderful Cavalier Rescue Society ( Neglect had left him with the loss of most of his sight and very nearly all of his hearing, but he never let that slow him down. Off lead walks on the beach often had him following our scent – usually the wrong way! Our other Cavvy would race after him, chest butt him as if to say ‘this way you old poop!’ and then she would lead him back to us. 🙂 He endured twice-daily applications of eye cleaning followed by ointment with gentleman-like grace while being perched on top of the washing machine to make it easy on my back.

So thanks, Snoopy for coming to stay for a while, it was great having you here and thank you for teaching me the true meaning of bravery and persistence.

Snoop’ now resides in a beautiful black urn on a bench above my work-desk.

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4 Responses to “Playing God Sucks”

  1. C.T. Green Says:

    Aww Sandy – I got all teary reading your post. What a lovely eulogy for a beautiful boy.

    I agree with you, sometimes playing God does suck, but I believe there’s consolation in knowing that you can alleviate any suffering and make their last moments peaceful.

    Here’s hoping Snoop finds his way back – in a new life.

  2. sandra Says:

    Thanks, Cass. He really was a grand little fellow and our vet was marvellous. She was just as caring for me as she was for Snoop’

  3. Helene Says:

    Sandy, I’m very glad that we had the opportunity to meet Snoop. He was such a little gentleman who clearly enjoyed the latter years of his life. Sending huge hugs to his humans and to KC who must miss her buddy very much.
    H, G and Zeus.

  4. sandra Says:

    Thanks, Helene. Yes, KC has been missing her buddy. I think she’s a little confused as to where he is. Never mind, dogs don’t live in the past and a few more walks in the Koala park will no doubt help. 🙂

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