There was another Wedgetail in the Office Today


Sounds like a good first line for a novel. 🙂 But today my office was out in the Bay.
















This one dropped by last time we were out.

Aren’t the markings magnificent?


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4 Responses to “There was another Wedgetail in the Office Today”

  1. Helene Says:

    Gorgeous, Sandy!

    I love watching birds of prey cruise the currents. I’m sure they look at the mere mortals in aircraft and smile contentedly to themselves 🙂

    What camera did you use for the close up?? Well done.

  2. sandra Says:

    You’re probably right, Helene – there’s probably a snicker in there somewhere as well! 🙂

    I used our DSLR NIKON D5100. The shot with all the detail was taken down the Logan River. I have to admit I’m darn proud of myself having taken it from a moving boat! The eagle obligingly flew over head and from memory I had the zoom on 300x. The shots today were from the boat as well, but the bird was a fair way off. I took some really great ones of KC having fun getting sand up her nose. LOL

  3. C.T. Green Says:

    *Sigh* I wish my office was that spectacular. I tend to gravitate from my desk to the couch. Sadly there’s not much scenery to be had along the way – unless you count Mount Laundry, the Dirty Basin, Nappy Bucket Canyon and Detritus River.

  4. sandra Says:

    Hey, CT, my apologies for not replying sooner – been head down tail up. Considering the list of geological points of interest in your journey, I think I’d be employing brail to get from your desk to your couch! 🙂

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