Work In Progress

Current WIP – Second in the Alien, Mine series.

30th March, 2014 – Made a start on the second in the Alien, Mine series. Still developing characters, but they’re leading me on an adventure, so we’re off!

22nd July, 2014 – My how time’s flown! Just breached the 17K mark. Kat and T’Hargen are having fun winding each other up. Sparks are flying and they’re about to discover new and exciting ways to land in hot water.

1st August, 2014 – Hooray! Just passed 21K in the word count. Kat and T’Hargen have indeed landed themselves into hot water and, being the upstanding rapscallions that they are, fully intend to wreak havoc and despair amongst their enemy, the Bluthen.

 28th August, 2014 – 30K marker passed!

13th September, 2014 – Cut a large slice of words and wrote more. Currently at 33K.

6th February, 2015 – Just staggered passed 41K.

8th April, 2015 – 50K

11th December, 2016 – My editor has given me a release date of June 2017. Word count just shy of 80K.

10th March, 2017 – Have received the book cover. Can’t say I’m all that enamoured with it. Nothing alien-looking about the hero, and the hero and heroine look far less mature than the characters they represent. Ah well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you’re playing with someone else’s train set.

The Crystal Dagger 

Book Cover

A fantasy adventure with romantic elements of about 150,000 words. The story follows a young woman named Sabrina who wakes in a world of which she has no memory.

Imagine having your life as you know it stolen. Imagine not knowing anyone, and that everything is unfamiliar. Imagine finding yourself in a place where multi-realm conflict seems imminent and that you are somehow a small yet significant cog in the continued existence of those who have befriended you. So significant a cog in fact that assassins take a most unwelcome interest in ensuring your future is brief.

Who do you rely on as murderous intent pursues you through the wilds?

Then imagine discovering where you really come from and who you really are—and of what you are now capable.

Just imagine . . .

This is the first book I wrote, and I have to admit that I love the story. The technical side of things though needs considerable work—and I do mean considerable. The plan is to start editing/re-writing this year in conjunction with working on the next in the Alien, Mine series.

10th March, 2014 – Started re-writing TCD while my CP looks over Love, Coded. I’ve decided to upgrade TCD from YA to Adult and add quite a bit more romance—the characters don’t seem to mind. :)