A Writer’s Life

The dream of a writer’s life providing financial independence is one many of us share. Ahh, the things we would do, the places we would see. I am lucky enough to occasionally glimpse aspects of these fantasies. During the week my other half scored a day off and we went out on the bay in our little boat. A beautiful, magical day. Calm winds and the water so flat you could lay tiles on it.

On a sand cay I caught sight of a most wondrous creature – the mythical beechbaybee. The little beast was far off in the distance.


Curitosity must have pricked in her little soul and she came for a closer look at the odd bi-peds interloping in her realm.

She was a little hesitant at first, unsure if we should be honoured with her trust.

But eventually she succumbed to the charms of my husband and ventured close enough for a cuddle and a pat.

And so this little taste of paradise recharged the batteries of my muse and myself. How wondrous is nature and imagination! 🙂