Good News Wednesday

One of my philosophies is that the more good karma you put out there, the more good karma there is out there. Same goes for bad karma, so I try to let go of useless anger – always easer said than done. 🙂

So, from this week I’m going to bring you weekly good news stories. Stories that will warm your heart and make you realise there are decent folk out there, despite what the news tells us.

First up, one for the animal lovers. 🙂

While mountain hiking in Colorado, a couple came across an abandoned german shepherd. They gave the dog food and water, but due to injury to her paws, the animal was unable to follow the couple through the difficult terrain. The couple posted news of the dog on a local climbing website and a team of volunteers was formed to rescue the animal. For two days they searched for the dog, finally finding the animal in a boulder field that she would not have been able to escape on her own.

Using a tarp as a stretcher, they carried her from the boulders then put her in a backpack for the journey down the mountain.

Most of these volunteers didn’t know each other from a bar of soap, yet they willingly worked as a team to achieve this remarkable rescue.

For photos of the rescue go to the site of one of the expert climbers Chris O’Riley.