Sentient Body Parts

Well, I’ve just completed the second edits for Alien, Mine and I’ve discovered I have at least one major foible. Sentient body parts. Yep, parts of my hero and heroine apparently have minds of their own, act of their own free will. Well they did. Not any more.

For example:

. . . teased (her hands) into grasping for what they wanted.

I’ll let you in on a secret, it wasn’t her hands that wanted the prize.

Her panicked ears tracked…

Can you imagine what panicked ears look like? The imagination boggles! 🙂


Another weakness? Extraneous information.

She blinked her eyes. Um, what else is she going to blink? Or she nodded her head. Is there another body part she can nod? Admittedly, Alien, Mine is a science fiction novel with aliens, so in theory extra nodding/blinking body parts are a possibility. Not however with the heroine, she’s a human.

I have a tentative release date of June 19 (US time) and hopefully will have confirmation of that within the next week or so.